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  • ET, Mikail; Mohiuddine, Syed A.; Şengül, Hacer (FACTA UNIVERSITATIS (NIˇS) Ser. Math. Inform., 2016)
    The aim of this paper is to introduce and examine the concept of lacunary statistical boundedness of order and give the relations between statistical boundedness and lacunary statistical boundedness of order.
  • Gülbahar, Mehmet; Kılıç, Erol; Keleş, Sadık; Tripathi, Mukut Mani (Differential Geometry and Dinamical Systems, 2014)
    Certain basic inequalities involving the squared mean curvature and one of the Ricci curvature, the scalar curvature and the sectional curvature for a submanifold of quasi-constant curvature manifolds and nearly quasi-constant ...
  • Gülbahar, Mehmet; Kılıç, Erol; Saraçoğlu Çelik, Semra (Turkish Journal of Mathematics, 2015)
    The structure of pointwise slant submanifolds in an almost product Riemannian manifold is investigated and the special proper pointwise slant surfaces of a locally product manifold are introduced. A relation involving the ...
  • Gülbahar, Mehmet; Kılıç, Erol; Keleş, Sadık (Tamkang Journal of Mathematics, 2016)
    In this paper, we study bi-slant submanifolds of an almost Hermitian manifold for different cases. We introduce a new orthonormal basis on bi-slant submanifold, semi-slant submanifold and hemi-slant submanifold of an ...
  • Kılıç, Erol (Journal of Inequalities and Applications, 2016)
    The main purpose of this paper is to show how to obtain rigidity theorems with the help of curvature invariants in submanifolds of a semi-Riemannian manifold. For this purpose, the bounded sectional curvature is introduced ...
  • Kılıç, Erol; Tripathi, Mukut Mani; Gülbahar, Mehmet (Annales Polonici Mathematici, 2016)
    Some examples of slant submanifolds of almost product Riemannian manifolds are presented. The existence of a useful orthonormal basis in proper slant submanifolds of a Riemannian product manifold is proved. The sectional ...
  • Kılıç, Erol (2016)
    The notion of best living way on coisotropic lightlike submanifolds is discussed. Some relations involving the screen Ricci curvature and the screen scalar curvature are given. Two examples of coisotropic lightlike ...
  • Gülbahar, Mehmet; Eken Meriç, Şemsi; Kılıç, Erol (2017)
    In this paper, we obtain sharp inequalities on Riemannian manifolds admitting a Riemannian submersion and give some characterizations using these inequalities. We improve Chen-Ricci inequality for Riemannian submersion and ...
  • ET, Mikail; ŞENGÜL, Hacer (Journal of Mathematical Analysis, 2016)
    In this study, using the generalized di erence operator m, we introduce the concepts of ( m; I)􀀀lacunary statistical convergence of order and lacunary strong mp 􀀀summability of order of sequences and give ...

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